Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Container-Loving Tomato Seedlings

As the container is made up of coconut husk fibre and study metal frame (found it at a liquidation store), I layered its interior with burlap to better support the soil. Potting mix and composted sheep manure were mixed together and poured on the planter. So far the tomatoes are thriving…the third tomato on the container will be transplanted to another pot as I prefer only two on the container.

I chose"Tumbling Tom" tomatoes for their bright red and yellow cherry-like tomatoes that are suitable for planting in a hanging basket or planters. The tomato seedlings had grown so much that I had little choice, but to transplant them to their planter indoors. As soon as the temperature outside was conducive, I took the tomatoes out and tied the frame to the neighbor's balcony rail for support (he was ok with that after I asked). 

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