Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Reuse: Wine Box Planter

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle..the mantra of eco-conscious people everywhere. I intended my balcony garden to be eco-efficient by using local resources. I visited a local liquor store to inquire on wine boxes. My husband assisted me to paint the box with linseed oil, to make it water-proof. Be warned, it has a very strong smell and needs to be used outdoors! The linseed oil smells like a skunk that has just moved into your house and will not leave. Users beware!

The wooden crate was treated to two coats of linseed oil and left 3 days out to dry. My hubby drilled holes at the bottom of the box 1” - 2” apart and laid out a piece of burlap on the container bottom to contain the soil. I then filled the box with a mixture (1:1) of potting soil and composted sheep manure (advised that it's great for the plants) and planted the Mesclun salad mix that had been sprouting in my re-used Swiss Chalet restaurant container (I love re-using containers...does good for our environment!). I left some space on the box to grow spinach.

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