Thursday, 3 April 2014

Unique Thrify Container Finds

For a container garden, a variety of containers is a necessity; plants come in every shapes and size and need different sized containers to accommodate their unique growing needs. Tomatoes, cucumbers and beans would require larger containers. Small herbs like basil and cilantro can do with smaller sizes. I visited the dollar tore for price-friendly clay pots and bamboo trellis and the neighborhood thrift store for unique planting containers.

For an antique touch to the garden, a Canadian liquor store, had vintage wine crates to give away. My thoughtful husband helped me to coat the wooden crate with linseed oil (natural wood sealant) and drill holes in the crate bottom for drainage (very important!). Linseed oil has a very strong smell that lingers forever! Make sure to use it outdoors and let the wooden containers dry completely (a day or two) before bringing it indoors. I also found at my local thrift store, a small wooden wine storage rack that would hold the containers and provide shelter to shade loving vegetables.

Unique thrift store finds: miniature containers for growing herbs
Wooden wine crate treated with linseed oil. 

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