Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Hand in the cookie jar?!

Ok, I will admit…I have not been patient enough to wait for my rosemary seedlings to grow! I just cannot roast beef and chicken without the delicious aroma of fresh rosemary. I was at Kensington Market in downtown Toronto and I saw rosemary and Spanish lavender potted plants on display outside a fruit and vegetable grocer. Price was good and I could use the rosemary plants much faster :) At home I transplanted the rosemary plants to a bigger container and so far they are loving their new home!

I only realized after reaching home that the lovely lavender plant I had was for ornamental use only! My fellow gardeners, should you desire a lavender for aromatic reasons, DO NOT (emphasis) get the Spanish lavender!!

Lavender with bloom at the back and rosemary plants at the front

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