Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Seed Starting Pots and Kits

There are a variety of seed starter kits, from cowpots that are biodegradable to greenhouse kits that are suitable for growing seedlings indoors. I bought a seed starting tray from Canadian Tire, filled it up with potting soil (with a sprinkle of sheep manure)  and sowed the seeds. To avoid confusion, I labelled each row with a label on a toothpick. 

After sowing, I watered and covered the kit with its lid and put it in a warm and sunny place (window sill). I watered every day, and made sure that I used a spritz bottle to avoid disturbing the seeds and water logging the soil. I also re-used containers around the house including yogurt container, tins, disposable food containers; it's cheaper and reduces waste. 
Seed starter kit with a variety of vegetables

Egg carton used to sprout vegetables

Wondering what cowpots look like? Here's a picture from (a gardeners dream shop)

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